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Should I make another account

2022.01.17 12:57 Environmental_Lab649 Should I make another account

I’ve realized that the main reason I got to chaps so easily is because I was playing with my friends and we all do well playing together. When I played the solo cash cups I realized I’m not nearly as good as I thought. So I wanted peoples opinion on if I should make another account to and to champs while only playing solos. Was wondering if this would help me improve as a solo player so I could really see progress as I move up the leagues. But another question is would this technically be smurfing?
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2022.01.17 12:57 mywifetr Eure Meinung?

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2022.01.17 12:57 suggestusername_ How does adcom check the validity of our publications?

I saw some people put their publications in their CV (or application) and mark them as “accepted” or “under review” if they are yet to be published. How does adcom validate their claims if paper is still in process of getting published? What is stopping the students to make false claims about their unpublished papers?
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2022.01.17 12:57 Fedora-Rose Use manjarch btw B)

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2022.01.17 12:57 Adam_is_Nutz Does Dwight have the first ever smartwatch? season 1 episode 3: health care

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2022.01.17 12:57 jlmacdonald Where does Gitlab store terraform state?

Is it stored in the database, or on the file system?
If DB: Which table
If File system: where.
Btw: I'm not asking because I want to fiddle with the state. I'm asking for operational reasons. Backup and storage and whatnot. Tks.
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2022.01.17 12:57 AndresRivera845 Hong_Kong - Mei Supports Hong Kong

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2022.01.17 12:57 xxxSHITxxx PequaGreens

Hey there,
Long time cannabis fan and entrepreneur here launching a cannabis fan store chain. This is a chain with our first location opening in Massapequa. We're working on licensing to in the not too distant future become a dispensary and consumption lounge.
We going to be hiring late 2022 for marketing, ops, retail and accounting, with a hopeful launch in 2023. We're also looking for brand ambassadors while we work on construction, licensing and legal.
Not much to say or show now, but if you're interested in joining our team, DM me for a link to the job inquiry form.
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2022.01.17 12:57 scarletexplosion Need some advice

Me and my boyfriend have been together for little over a year now. If I decided to let some things in our past go things would be perfect. However I don’t know if these things are red flags or if I’m just being over dramatic. A year prior to us dating my boyfriend was with another girl “V” to while he refused to call his girlfriend. While I liked him at the time I was respectful towards what she thought was a relationship and didn’t get in the middle of it. When they stopped seeing each other, he attempted to start talking to me but after two weeks he and I stopped from my understanding for the other girl although that’s not what he told me at the time. Fast forward a year later my current boyfriend comes to me and apologizes to me for not trying to get to know me better before ending it. He told me he was now emotionally and physically ready for a new relationship. I gave him a chance and he quickly became someone really important in my life. After a couple months of us dating he was notified that V had passed away in a car crash. He was completely torn up, understandably so I tried to be considerate by listening to him talk and trying to be there for him. He told me that the reason they broke up was that they were in different parts of their life and that she would get mad and yell when he wouldn’t communicate well. This made me feel like a second choice but I felt like I couldn’t say anything without sounding childish. When he found out the passenger was a guy he started crying and the look of pain on his face was unbearable. Not only that but her mom started sending him old photos of them that he would post. At this point I started thinking it would be best to take a step back from our relationship but that’s when he confessed to me that he loved me. When I asked how he knew he told me it was how I cared for him, that I actually wanted to make him happy(so I stayed). Now we’re both about to graduate from college and he wants to start a life together but I just found out he’s been keeping her ashes in a heart shaped locket engraved “forever in my heart” in the bedroom of the apartment that we share together. He likes to rap and post the results on SoundCloud for fun but he’s never let me listen to them before so I went and looked it up on my own. Several of them have lines such as “ when you’re sad think about being up there with her” some how I don’t think he was talking about me.
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2022.01.17 12:57 Raccoon_OnDemand 5 second black screen?

Sometimes while I'm playing a game my monitor will go black for a few seconds then go back to normal it happens more doing RTS games than FPS games. I have a Radeon RX 6600 and I've already done a clean reinstall of the drivers and it did not fix the problem I've also looked up many videos on YouTube and they do not help, anyone got any tips?
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2022.01.17 12:57 Natalie_19_89 them haters gonna hate, miswell show em what's up

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2022.01.17 12:57 Ancient-Winner-4829 *** BREAKING NEWS - SOS LIMTED (GAMMA SQUEEZE POTENTIAL) -MUST READ ***

*** BREAKING NEWS - SOS LIMTED (GAMMA SQUEEZE POTENTIAL) -MUST READ *** READ AND SPREAD ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA: A Retail Storm is coming back to attack short sellers. This week and the remaining month of January, traders are going after SOS Limited Short Sellers. As traders gear up for one of the biggest options expirations of the year, SOS Limited seems to be gaining some momentum on social media the past 72 hours.

+1129 % on Twitter and Google Searches
+Webull top 15 Stock to buy
+ Top Penny stock of the month (2 consecutive months)
+Increasing Short Interest with MAJOR news pending

Over 80k Stocktwits users, 31k Redditors, and 100 Private investors are ready to attack as the week unfolds. Traders are expecting BIG MINING NEWS from the company. * Rumors swirling have mentioned premarket attacks on short sellers and large buy orders (20,000 shares/ order) being placed early on Tuesday the 18th. This movement is coupled with that of the potential for a $BBIG squeeze. Reports are saying both Retail Armies are looking to execute orders of 1000 shares or more at a time!
Retail has experienced a rough 2021. With most “MEME” crazy stocks only returning losses to most of those that bought in the hype. Short Sellers ran a short and distort campaign on several retail crazy stocks, and then flooded the news with “lawsuit” after “lawsuit”. All being a tactic in their game to destroy value and make millions off the common people. Now, we have a chance to strike back!

SOS Limited is an emerging Blockchain developer and Crypto Miner. They have recently moved crypto mining operations to the United States, with expected start dates of February 1st and March 1st. The two mining sites will be composed of Mobile mining Rig stations (First of its kind) in Niagara, WI which will host approximately 16k + rigs. The other site will be in Houston, TX where they will be hosting another 80M worth of rigs. There are current plans to expand operations further once mining is up and running.
Their electricity is provided by Hydro Electricity and stored power on the grid. Making them one of the only Clean Energy miners in the United States. (Kevin O’ Leary Approves).
SOS Limited is a verified legitimate company. Many Short Sellers have attempted to manipulate the masses to believing in the validity of this company. Unfortunately, those that ran this campaign are now under a DOJ probe. Which is well deserved. These Hedge funds manipulated investors to believe the company was a scam and not legitimate. This has been debunked, and the company is alive and well, and producing better results than most American companies in the same sector.
For further information on this, you can see the Bloomberg article on Anson Funds and their 46% return last year on stocks like SOS Limited and Meta Materials.

SOS LIMITED SHORT INTEREST AND FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS SOS Limited is currently trading at 2.3 P/E which is significantly lower than MARA 104 P/E and RIOT 67 P/E. Being market leaders, an analyst may deduce a P/E ratio of approximately 60 could be a standard benchmark in this DeFi category.
As of June 30, 2021, the Company had cash and cash equivalents of $185.5 million, compared to $0.61 million for the period ended June 30, 2020. Now, with their additional 90M offering and the purchase of 40M worth of mining rigs (transaction settled) that leaves us with an additional 50M to add to Cash and equivalents.
SOS Limited reported .04 EPS by GAAP standard for the midterm report. Which, given it was only 3 months of production (Crypto mining), we can predict SOS will report around .10-.17 EPS per year.
Using a fair value calculator with a 12% discount, we concluded that if SOS Limited were to maintain revenue increases at a rate of 250% /year, which they’ve done the past 2 years, then a current Fair value of the company with a 15% margin of safety and a .13 EPS would equate to $4.50/ Share.

SOS Limited is trading at a steep discount. NOW, is the time to BUY

OPTIONS CHAIN (GAMMA POTENTIAL) The Options chain on SOS Limited is very telling. This could be a very pivotal week for the stock as investors have placed high confidence in the prospects of a gamma squeeze. Rumors are swirling that Bulls will be going “All-In” this week. This is tied to the same group that is going after BBIG, another crypto mining company.
** DON’T FORGET *\* SOS Limited has had a 21% increase in Short interest since last report. That means the SHORT INTEREST of the FREE FLOAT could be upwards of 35% at the time of this writing.

Below, you will see the option chain for this Friday’s expiration.

The option chain for SOS Limited spells out crazy potential. With enough buying volume and limited selling to the $2.50+ range. SOS Limited could see the potential for a massive gamma squeeze. The Open interest on contracts expiring this Friday is extremely high compared to other Penny stocks in the same sector.
  • For the Call Option Gamblers, if you purchase options, and are looking to ramp up the efforts of a “Gamma Squeeze”, then your best bet is to purchase ITM (In the money) Call options. Or in this case, the 01/21 .50 Calls

Now is the time to act if you want the short sellers to pay up.
The goal is to not feed the machine anymore. This can be accomplished by not buying weekly call options, you will help eliminate the manipulation of keeping the stock price OTM (Out the money). Large orders of shares purchased (1000/ order) instead, will create pressure on the short sellers to cover. Of course, never selling your shares and paper handing out is another way to ensure the riches of you and your fellow apes. (At the end of the day, you must play your own plan. We can’t judge those who take a profit.)

Watch the journey unfold!

SEC FILINGS SOS Limited has been linked to SEC filings between SINO Global, which is an up-and-coming blockchain development company. These two companies have come to terms on the Sale/Purchase of 200 million in Mining Equipment, of which 40 million has already been paid by SOS Limited. The timeframe on delivery of these Miners is within the next 120 days.
These miners will not only enable SOS Limited to produce amongst the best (Mara and Riot), but it will set them ahead of others in terms of being able to secure top of the line equipment at an expeditious rate. Not only that, but equipment that is up to par with other top of the line miners! Overall, creating more revenue in an earlier than forecasted time frame.
SOS Limited also filed their amended 20-F which was to confirm the Audited financials of the year 2020 by US-GAAP standards and make a couple changes to the previous filing. If you noticed, in this filing SOS Limited chooses to report more than required by law. The JOBS ACT loosens regulations on reporting, oversight, and advertising for companies trying to raise investor funds. The law allows companies with under $1 billion in revenue to disclose less information to investors. However, SOS Limited choose to not restrict the information they report. This declaration is irreversible. This is important because not only does this give validity to their business, but it shows confidence in their forecasted projections and audited financials. Does this mean SOS Limited expects to have revenues over 1 billion annually? I would like to say, yes, that is a very good chance.
The most recent SEC Filings for SOS Limited prove they are a legitimate company in the early to middle stages of hyper growth. The execution they have had so far in such a short amount of time, is unheard of. They have adapted to Chinese regulation changing, and they have made great strides to indoctrinate themselves in the United States.

SOS Limited Catalysts
Upcoming news events that could validate rumors regarding SOS Limited
  1. SOS Limited was ranked top “Penny stock” to buy for December and January
  2. Short Interest on SOS Limited has been increasing. Days to cover now at 6.4 -Heavy Buy pressure will force shorts to cover
  3. Forecasted Earnings expected, as well as mining update, and first batch of rigs going online by February 1st
  4. Gamma squeeze potential with buying pressure from Retailers and HF’s alike. $2.50+ is the sweet spot for this.
SOS Limited has a Fair value from $3.50-$5.50 depending on which EPS measurement you wish to go with. Remember, that is based off numbers for the MIDTERM REPORT. Audited financials could show a much different story, perhaps much better. This company is extremely undervalued, and it is time to rediscover a new higher price. Retail working together can accomplish this goal, and during the process we may be able to squeeze some Short Sellers out of their positions.

Happy trading to you all. I, for one, will be taking part in this chance of a lifetime.
“We Like the stock”

***The information above is not investment advice. It a strongly worded opinion on why we love the stock. This is no indication of what you should choose to invest in as we are not financial experts.
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2022.01.17 12:57 2000sSilentFilmStar What is the synthizer concept used at 2:14?

What is the synthezer concept used at 2:14 and 4:12?
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2022.01.17 12:57 UpbeatImprovement360 F4f trading on snap-jameshurdle1

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2022.01.17 12:57 volbeastsilludemise I scream you scream.

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2022.01.17 12:57 Jessica_rosia EDD, Hazard 5 standard

Hello fellow rock and stoners! I'm on Playstation and am looking to keep my skill level at or around Haz 5 and EDD. I have a good group but looking to add more when possible feel free to dm me your psn so we can add more. Cheers!🍻
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2022.01.17 12:57 jobsinanywhere JPMorgan's Exec Says Crypto Is in Napster Age

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2022.01.17 12:57 chrisor97 [PS5] Riders Republic - PlayStation 5 Edition is $48.83

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2022.01.17 12:57 svanapps Mozilla puts pause on cryptocurrency donations after co-founder condemnation

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2022.01.17 12:57 putmeinthefire Why do my balls get really close to my body when I’m going through drug withdrawal?

I’m tapering off my prescription and I’ve noticed my testicles are acting like they’re cold and they’re super close to my body
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2022.01.17 12:57 Soul-Trip What is the best cheap flooring option for a basement room?

I am entering a rent to own situation where the basement rooms are down to bare concrete; there used to be indoooutdoor carpeting down there, but previous tenants ripped it out. I want floor covering. We are talking maybe 200 Sq feet of space.
What will be the cheapest DIY flooring option? Carpet tiles? Indoooutdoor? Vinyl flooring (my least favorite option)?
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2022.01.17 12:57 ggusir Reference letter for FPA professional

Dear All,
Reaching out to you as I am preparing reference letters for my charter submission. As I don’t work in the investment industry (I am FPA in Pharma) I wanted to ask if anybody could share with me (also privately) their letters so that I can have an idea on how to structure it (my boss asked that..). Happy to share my email in private. If someone could help I would be extremely grateful!
Cheers G
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2022.01.17 12:57 MorsHectoris An unhelpful bias

I hope in this post to share a dilemna that has arisen recently and forced me to pause and consider a few things with respect to my relationship with gender and its constructs.
I will not waste any more time getting to the point, however a little context is valuable.
I’ve spent the last few weeks working for a woman who singlehandedly runs a practice (out of her own home) in her profession. Her daughter “Lauren” is also in the same career and has been widely employed but is of recent working with her mother. Lauren and her mother have provided me with incredible guidance and access to their experience as I’ve worked and learned from them, however Lauren in particular has been very accommodating of my lack of experience and has endeavoured at times to talk to me and teach me how to do things even when such knowledge isn’t direct to the task at hand / may only serve me in my own interests at some distant point in the future.
Lauren turns 30 tomorrow, and although I (20) hadn’t otherwise planned to acknowledge it further than a simple birthday wish, upon reminder by her mother of the event in question and reflection on how grateful I am for her patience and comittment to lending her knowledge to me, I have decided to write her a birthday card.
I know this isn’t much but I felt if I wrote it well she would appreciate it. Here’s where the trouble is. I feel I need to make my respect, admiration, and gratefulness clear, but every attempt comes off as a little too affectionate for what in reality has been a brief relationship, incidental to the workplace of sorts we’ve been in. What really frustrates me though is that when I consider her age and relative status to me, I know that if she were a man I wouldn’t be as bold as to express the things that I want to express (not even sure I’d write a card at all). And so some questions have come to my mind.

  1. Should I stop writing this post now because I am clearly overthinking EVERYTHING?
  2. Could a properly written card ever be an appropriate way to navigate this event?
  3. Is the hypothetical problem that I have difficulties communicating certain feelings to men
  1. Is the real problem that I have problems in how I am inclined to communicate with women?
Anyway I look at it I can’t escape the reality that through this anecdotal experience there is an obvious imbalance in the way I address and interact with people based on their sex/gender and although I know this isn’t news to most people, I still haven’t figured out whether or not there is value in actively fighting against/compensating for it or if it can be ignored if presenting in small enough doses (e.g should i write a birthday card or just show up to work). I don’t feel like I discriminate, or at least not in the usual, harmul sense of the word, but I would still like to know what the effect is that is felt with regards to what I’ve expressed above.
Anyways, I have tried to relate my beliefs and circumstances as honestly and comprehensibly as I can and if you have come this far then I not only hope you made sense of it, but I thank you for taking the time.
Without investing any further time myself into what may prove to be my personal, public, diary, I now come to the end. I have no pretenses that this will gain any attention at all, and I certainly will not be embarassed if it vanishes into the emptiness of the internet like nothing more than a dying whisper. On the other hand, I would be so grateful to any who chose to comment that I promise to reward each and everyone of you with the balance of one full and certified, non-transferrable, highly coveted (or so I’m told), reddit approved upvote. Have a nice day:)
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2022.01.17 12:57 Ok_Evidence3414 Jurgen heeft altijd 5cm op zak 🍆🤏🏻 #fy #fyp #viral #mini #work #dutch @mouwtje 🤔🤔

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2022.01.17 12:57 civver3 Been able to smile for the first time in years.

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