Stopped drinking. Need exercise motivation.

2022.01.17 12:25 ccarrico75 Stopped drinking. Need exercise motivation.

Has anyone had difficulty with motivation to exercise after quitting drinking? I am currently struggling. Thoughts, suggestions or stories are appreciated.
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2022.01.17 12:25 Phantom_Builds Film Theory: Star is the Creator and Destroyer of Magic (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)

(**Accidentally posted to the memes theory instead of here. Sorry for those who saw it over there.)
(*** Before I begin, it should be noted that I only have a very basic grasp on quantum states. While I believe the logic behind this theory is still correct, I may be using incorrect terms or examples. If so, please leave a comment at the end and I will correct my theory and understanding. :) Thank you!)
For those of you who haven’t seen it, Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a kid’s show about a princess who uses magic to fight against the forces of evil. Pretty self-explanatory.
However, what isn’t as obvious is the plot-twist of a series finale that (Spoiler, unless you pause here and go watch all 4 seasons of SVTFOE) has Star decide to get rid of magic permanently. Doing so gets rid of some giant magic-powered suits of armor piloted by magic-roided super-soldiers and saved a whole bunch of monsters that just wanted to live their best lives. Getting rid of magic should have separated protagonists Princess Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz forever, due to them living in two separate dimensions that are only transferable by magic —that thing Star just pulled the plug on.
And yet, this doesn’t appear to be the case.
At the end, we see a giant glowing portal, both on Earth and in Muni, Star’s home dimension, right before a big flash of light blinds everyone and magically merges Earth with the land of Muni because nothing can come between true love.
The show seems to want viewers to think this is Magic’s one last act of power before it fizzles out of existence, but here’s the thing: That doesn’t make sense.
Star destroyed the magic inside of the core —the Realm of Magic. Any other time this has happened with her magic wand, it caused huge amounts of destruction (e=mc2 anyone?). No magic merge is happening here!
And on top of that, we see in the Muni swamp lands that all things magical have ceased. Nina and all her super-soldiers are returned to normal. The evil unicorn is nothing but bones. Even the cheek-patches —which appear on the Mumans with great magical power or on humans that use the Magic Wand —have vanished.
At this point, if Star really did destroy the magic, there should be no glowing portal hovering over the population of Earth and Muni. A portal, might I point out, that looks exactly like the one that leads to the Realm of Magic in Season 3, Ep. 12 and Season 4, Ep. 21.
So, here’s my theory: Star didn’t destroy the magic.
Instead, she and all the Queens of Muni forced it into its next cycle.
That’s right, I’m claiming that the Realm of Magic is in an infinite loop, neither being created nor destroyed, just like how energy is neither created nor destroyed, only changes forms.
We see this with the evil magic, which corrupts everything and turns it purple, including the unicorns which are, presumably, creatures of pure magic. In the same way, when Star and her ancestors are doing the Whispering spell, we don’t see magic just withering away, we see it changing from a bright, vibrant yellow, to a dark, murky green. The purple magic is affected the same way. Instead of going from purple to some darker color like brown or black, it changes to the same green.
Through this, we can claim that there are two states to magic: the presence of active magic —in any variety of color —and the absence of it or the presence of neutral magic, which would be this swampy green color. This is reminiscent of another scientific observation: the light and dark cycles of quantum particles. Or, more specifically, the Light, Dark, and Ground states of atomic quantum systems.
(That’s right, tying quantum physics into a child’s cartoon here. Real galaxy brain moment.)
In the Light state, quantum particles have more energy. This energy is burned off and displayed as light when the atomic quantum system transitions to a lower state, often the Ground state. In the Dark state, no energy can be absorbed or emitted, making it a theoretically unattainable state. While the transitions between such states can be observed, the states themselves cannot. This is because often the very nature of observing the state injects enough energy to switch the particle’s cycle. It’s the same reason no one can be sure of where an electron is on an atom because viewing it causes it to move.
If we’re keeping with this theory then the ‘light’ phase of the Realm of Magic is when it’s active and the ‘ground’ phase occurs after the Whispering Spell drains the Realm of its energy.
In this case, the Realm of Magic’s default state is this dark, murky green environment —its neutral Ground state. Not the bright, cheery place we see throughout the series. Yet because it is in its Light state throughout the show, there must have been some event that gave it enough energy to switch over to its Light state.
And wouldn’t you know it, there is one scene that fits the bill: the scene where Star is dipping down into the good ol’ Hobo Stew and calling forth a unicorn that is later referred to as Firstborn —that is, the one born first out of all other unicorns.
This, right here, is the inciting event to switch the Realm of Magic from a Ground state to a Light state.
Now, here’s where things get tricky.
At the time of this inciting incident (Season 3, Ep. 4), Star is in a Magical Realm that is in its Ground state. This is evident not only by the color of the magic, but also by the fact that Toffee and Star are both coherent.
As we see later on in the series, the realm of magic has an, uh, ‘uplifting’ effect on people who go there. However, Star and Toffee are able to have full conversation, something that could not happen if the Magical Realm was in its Light state.
“But isn’t that because Toffee took over the Realm of Magic?” I hear you ask, and the answer to that is “no.” If that were the case, we should still see some unicorns under his control or whatever other beasts were there first. We should also see some pillars, which are the physical representation of magic linking separate dimensions, but this just isn’t the case.
Toffee was able to take over because the Realm of Magic was in its Ground state. While it would take a lot of effort to change a ‘pure’ state, altering a neutral state, takes very little energy.
What’s more, Toffee isn’t the one to put the Realm of Magician this state. As seen in Season 4, Ep. 21, it takes multiple people all saying the Whispering Spell in sync to cause enough of an effect to keep the magic from fixing itself. Toffee was there alone, with no one to help him. So, Toffee did not ‘kill’ the Realm of Magic, it was ‘dead’ before he got there.
Now, this seems contradictory. Toffee is in a Realm of Magic that should be ‘dead’, but Star, Ludo and Toffee-Ludo are still able to use magic during this time. This is because the Realm of Magic that Toffee is in is not the same as the one connected to Muni at this time.
Instead, this is where that Time-loop theory comes into play.
At this point in time, when the first Whispering Spell of the series was cast and Toffee got slingshotted into the Realm of Magic, he actually got slingshotted into the past. Back before the Magic Realm got its makeover, before the first settlers came to Muni, Toffee landed in the Ground Phase and made camp in a place devoid of active magic. Later, when Star cast the Whispering Spell a second time, she too, landed in the before-Light-Phase era.
Here, after Toffee had fled, Star dipped down into the Hobo Stew to grasp a single particle of energy and spark the entire Realm of Magic back into its Light State. A state that goes on to be a home to Firstborn the unicorn, gives passage to the first settlers of Muni and powers Star’s own Magic Wand —the destruction of which catapulted Toffee back in the first place.
Time Loop complete, right?
Well, one of them is.
Because if left like this, there’s one thing in the Realm of Magic’s Ground State that doesn’t have an origin: Glossarcyk’s Stew, the thing Star uses to spark the inciting incident in the first place.
Going through all the different scenes with the Realm of Magic, we see that there is no food anywhere. The unicorns there live and subsist on magic. The ingredients for a stew are completely absent… except for one point.
At the time when Star and Marco are trying to get back to Muni after all the portals have been disrupted [Season 4, Ep.18], they attempt to get Firstborn’s attention by dumping crate after crate of food stuffs into the Magic Realm. Food stuffs that would eventually be added to Glossarcyk’s Stew —connecting the End of the Light Cycle back to the Beginning.
But how could this be? If this Time-loop was true, then the Realm of Magic would have to exist in two separate states at once, which is a paradox that cannot, physically occur!
That would be true… if this version of Muni and Earth were the only ones to exist.
In [Season 2, Ep. 17], we see a field of crystals, each reflecting a different Star Butterfly in an Alternate Universe. From this, we know that there are multiple versions of Muni and Earth and that each one has some kind of magic. Otherwise, non-human Stars would not show up to a human classroom to attempt to solve a math problem. The entire reason Star got sent to Earth was to learn to control her magic and the method she used to get to Earth was magic as well. So, these other universes had to have a Realm of Magic.
The theory I put forth is that all of these are the same Realm of Magic and the same transition to and from quantum states. And our biggest form of proof actually comes in the form of Glossarcyk.
Through-out the series, he’s presented as a powerful being that knows of certain events before they occur, like [Season 2, Ep. 7]. He’s also not surprised to see Star when she first appears at his campfire in Season 3, Ep. 2. It’s because he’s lived through these events before.
At least, he’s lived through similar events.
There are times where he’s surprised, like in [Season 2, ep. 13] when Star isn’t tempted by Eclipsa’s chapter or [Season 2, Ep. 12] when her wand is acting up and creating disgusting creatures instead of her usual spells. These events surprise him because they are likely new events that did not happen in previous Muni Cycles due to the butterfly effect.
(Not Butterfly as in Star Butterfly, but as in the idea that small changes can have big impacts overtime.)
So Glossarcyk’s omniscience comes from living through a similar cycle multiple times, but what about his power? That, interestingly enough, can also be explained by his time-loop. More specifically, the time between the book being burned and the episode he returns.
The episodes in between these events strive to make it seem like Glossarcyk is dead, and yet, we see later that he comes back just fine, if a little incoherent —a certain goofiness that wouldn’t be out of place for someone who spent too much time in the Realm of Magic without a few cups of pudding at their disposal.
(Yes, pudding. The show makes a point later on to have the effects of magic overdose be countered by dollar-store pudding cups. But we’re not getting into that right now.)
Silly, loopy, unable to keep conversation and highly impulsive: all symptoms of magical overdose.
“But Glossarcyk is the creator of the Magical Realm.” It’s never stated what Glossaryck is. Sure, he calls himself the ‘captain of the ship’ when the Magical Realm is breaking apart at the end, but that’s like saying I’m the driver of my car. Being the captain does not necessarily mean being the shipbuilder. On top of that, the realm that is under Glossarcyk’s control, the Glossarcyk dimension, has a distinctly different name and method of access. The Realm of Magic is the Realm of Magic. The Glossarcyk dimension is the Glossarcyk dimension. They are only referred to as such.
“But Glossarcyk is a spell. Magic shouldn’t affect him like that.” [Season 4, ep. 18] we see a spell get summoned in the Magical Realm to the same silly incoherency as everyone else. So, while Glossarcyk could be a spell, it wouldn’t matter. The Realm of Magic would have the same effect on him as anyone else.
Why am I making such a big deal about this?
Because the Glossarcyk we see at the campfire [Season 3, Ep. 4] and the one running around after his resurrection [Season 3, Ep. 5] are not the same Glossarcyk we’ve seen in the rest of the series. These are a Before-Glossarcyk —that is, a Glossarcyk that was trapped in the newly activated Magical Realm until such a time as his book —his physical anchor to the world of Muni and Earth —was made. He spent so much time in the Realm of Magic that he still had leftover symptoms no matter how much pudding he ate.
At some point, the after effects would clear up and the goofy-Glossarcyk would go on to be the one that advised the Queens of Muni. This is seen in the difference between campfire-Glossarcyk calling his stew “Not magic… just soup” and a different Glossarcyk teaching Star how to dip down using a stew-related metaphor.
This wouldn’t make sense, unless the Glossarcyk timeline were reversed.
Campfire-Glossarcyk happened before the Light Phase while the Soup Metaphor-Glossarcyk happened afterwards.
“But if goofy-Glossarcyk is supposed to be before metaphor-Glossarcyk, why does he show up at all?” when Glossarcyk comes back, we don’t actually see how it happens, he just shows up after a wave of magic goo in the Sanctuary [Season 3, Ep. 5]. But we do know that Glossarcyk has the ability to move back and forth through time [Season 4, Ep. 10]. It’s likely that a more coherent Glossarcyk switched out with his loopy self at a time he knew would be safe to do so. He then advised the Queens of Muni until such a time his goofy-self returned to normal and could take over again.
After that, Glossarcyk takes care of a few loose ends like making Toffee hate magic so he’ll trap Star in the Ground Cycle Realm of Magic and start the sequence again. Then he returns to his correct place in time and waits for Star to push the Realm of Magic back to its Ground Phase and trap him in alone in a dimension with nothing but the trash heap left behind where Earth’s pillar used to be.
And there he’ll wait, until the next Star follows Toffee into the Ground Phase and dips down into his Stew or Taco Bowl or whatever metaphor the next universe will build on.
So, there you have it.
Star is both the creator and destroyer of magic. Toffee is nothing but a pawn for a self-fulfilling time-loop and Glossarcyk is only omniscient because he’s been through this loop so many times, he’s memorized the dialogue options.
If you have any thoughts or questions on things I’ve missed, leave a comment below. I wasn’t able to cover everything in this post without rambling (more than I already have), but I hope I didn’t leave too many loose ends! :)
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Could you watch these 2 shorts? Less than a minute each:
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Willstatter, who likes it. I want my mother 😎
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2022.01.17 12:25 goblinking67 NY New user promo won’t work

I would assume it’s an intentional “glitch” but for NY residents there’s an offer to bet $5 or more on any NFL playoff game ML and win $280 in free bets (7 $40 free bets). So I did and bet KC ML and obviously won but it didn’t give me the free bets. The promo still shows up but the app won’t let me click it. I’m assuming they bugged it on purpose so you can’t actually use that offer but does anyone know if there’s some sort of delay on the winnings for that kind of thing or something
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2022.01.17 12:25 A35821363 January 19. On this date in 1908, Helen Mirrell Goodall and her daughter Ella Goodall Cooper "left the Holy Land, our spiritual Home, to enter the world again." They would later write a book about this visit, titled "Daily Lessons Received at Akka: January 1908."

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2022.01.17 12:25 slavicman123 Adding nd-h15 to a b450 tomahwak max

Will it be compatible? I think it would be but i also have rgb ram, will it overshadow it? And the gpu i have it in the pcie slot 1, the upper one will it bent it?
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2022.01.17 12:25 ArcherGun Trying to do New Music Challenge. Please recommend albums

Okay so, I want to discover new music. I am trying to listen 5-7 albums per week for this entire year. I would like you guys to list your favourite albums of all time.
I am open to any genre but you should realize I'm trying to add songs to my playlist so maybe something that goes with my taste would be admired.
I am an avid Ariana Grande fan. I love her too much. So anything poppy always gets me going. Another thing I absolutely adore is soft rock/indie music. Hozier, Lana Del Rey etc. I'm a big fan of old school R&B, Mariah, Brandy, Aaliyah etc. Vocals will ALWAYS blow me away (hence ariana is my main stan list). I also am open to listening to kpop, I love LOONA and Twice. Basically, just want to listen to GOOD music.
I want something that's a bit fresh though, mainstream is okay of course but I wanna discover new artists because truth be told, I miss discovering new artists and falling in love with them. Hence why I'm doing this made up challenge. If you want, I'll update the album scores on my page on how I personally rate them and what songs stood out
Please please please contribute, it would mean so much to me
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2022.01.17 12:25 HardcoreCamper Penta's translator sucks. He said Penta is going to show Malakai some respect. Penta actually said I'm going to teach you how to respect.🤦‍♂️

During last week appearance of Brody King when Penta called out Malakai Black was fuckin cringey.
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2022.01.17 12:25 wallpapersdance Wake up in the morning from a dream. Mind thinks "shit I'm awake and have to deal with all of my life problems," heart beats fast/hard. What are some good tangible things to do in that moment?

Often these thoughts enter my mind "body sore/mind tired better to rest" but also "if I don't get up now and do something, I'm just a sitting duck and my heart will keep beating fast and I will have to fight off negative thoughts/anxiety"
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2022.01.17 12:25 exporterofgold Anyone else look at a picture and notice that a side of their face is bigger than the other?

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