Jay Dior - Loses, Lessons & Blessings (Official Audio)

2021.09.18 16:05 jellyjimmy1 Jay Dior - Loses, Lessons & Blessings (Official Audio)

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2021.09.18 16:05 Significant-March-47 I got bored so I made this, poorly photographed again

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2021.09.18 16:05 barry-use-the-stairs somewhere in pittsburgh, but i can’t place it…

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2021.09.18 16:05 RedRiotUB Mesprit raid adding 5, 7831 0402 5157

7831 0402 5157
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2021.09.18 16:05 kesagatame-and-Chill Fairfield County

If a family was thinking of moving to Connecticut, what towns would you suggest looking into? Thinking Fairfield county south of 84 and West of 8. Median to a bit above the median income for Fairfield County. I would love a town that has a mix of rural and a downtown/Mainstreet. It is a decent school district, but that is not "make or break" because it will improve our current situation no matter what.
Not looking for a reason not to move to CT, Currently living in NY, so it will be an improvement when it comes to taxes/quality of life. Lived in the state before and have wanted to move back for a while.
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2021.09.18 16:05 behindblueeyes341 I have my road test today.... wish me luck ya'll!

I passed all the online stuff, I just have to get my road test done. Sitting here nervous as heck! Haha
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2021.09.18 16:05 mattypbebe21 People of Reddit, what keeps you going in life and how do you stay motivated?

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2021.09.18 16:05 AverageEpiploon Help! How to get my puppy to sleep when away from home

Pixelle, our 11 month old goldendoodle, has no issues sleeping at home - she sleeps in an open crate/pen combo (used to be inside her crate but has taken to sleeping on a cushion inside the pen since she’s been spayed 1 month ago) and this setup is on the main floor while our bedroom is upstairs. She goes to bed at around 9:30 and will sleep the whole night until 8-9 the next morning. We tried a weekend at home with no crate/pen and she just kept pacing around the house, jumps on our bed to lick our faces and doesn’t settle down until much later in the night.
This is the 3rd time we bring her with us to my inlaws cottage (just my husband, Pixelle and I). First time was when she was 8 months and we had forgotten to pack cage/pen. We got no sleep as she was up all night jumping on the bed, licking our faces, pacing around the place. Second time was at 10 months, we brought only her pen and cushion due to lack of space in the car, and tried with the pen outside the bedroom for 1 night and inside for the 2nd night and she still had trouble settling down - she would whine, jump, move the pen around for hours before settling down to sleep for 1-2h, only for this cycle to continue again. We try to ignore her whining/jumping for 15 min then will use a calm voice to try and reassure her to no avail.
This time we brought her cage and cushion, with the same cage cover sheet she has over her crate at home. She still whined for most of the night. She basicly whines for 15-20 min, falls asleep for 1-2h, then whines non stop for over 30 min, at which point we take her out to pee (she does) and quickly put her back in her pen with 2-3 kibbles to lure her. There is no petting/talking/treats at night when we take her out.
We are looking for advice on how to make weekend getaways more enjoyable for all of us sleep-wise. Thanks!
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2021.09.18 16:05 InfinityYT1 Searching for people to join our Roleplay Medieval Modded Server

We are searching for a few people to join our small modded server. It has a special medieval setting. We are each split into teams (Kingdoms). You have to choose a civilization and religion. Build a medieval town/village with castle/fort, explore, go on raids and fight other player kingdoms and fight all kinds of monsters and creatures. (Dragons, Hydra, Sea Monsters, Cyclops and many others).
We are also using a mod for extremely realistic terrain.
If you are interested, add me on discord: Lyubo#6305
We are from Europe so EU time zone or similar is preferred
We also have a dedicated discord server for it.
We are 5 people for now.
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2021.09.18 16:05 Anathex_Adv What Internet-hated movie do you actually enjoy?

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2021.09.18 16:05 Ud0ntwannakn0w I need advice about my boyfriends sisters cats

Hello Reddit! I (18f) am here to talk about my boyfriends sisters (10f) cats. I’m gonna put a trigger warning, because I do talk about filthy environments for animals. I’m gonna take some time here to talk about my past experiences with cats. I’ve had plenty of cats in my life, mostly because my dad couldn’t keep up with neutering and fixing them so they basically ran his house. But while I was living there, I took care of these (probably around 6-8) cats and kittens. Their environment was terrible, I had to get 4 litter boxes, and they were sickly skinny. After seeing my own father treat these animals like this made the decision to give him an ultimatum: I’ll move out if he doesn’t give these cats to good homes. Obviously, he refused for a while and we didn’t speak for a few months but after lots of persuasion he finally gave them all to good homes. Okay. Onto the story.
For some background, my boyfriends family lost their childhood dog around a year and a half ago. They were devastated and weren’t planning on getting another pet, but this little kitten showed up without any parents so the family felt obligated to keep the little guy. They kept telling me it was a boy so they didn’t need to get him neutered (sorry if that’s the wrong term) which was red flag numero uno. Since I knew what female and male cat genitalia looked like, I tried telling them they were wrong and it wash a girl, but they refused to budge. Of course me being the animal lover I am I tried getting to know this cat. I realized this cat only comes to me for affection. This cat sits and scratches at only MY door because I am the only one who pays attention to it! This isn’t even my cat! Eventually the cat got pregnant (surprise!) Because they don’t care if the cat is inside or outside. During this time, she only has 1 litter box, being changed once a week. (WITH 5 LITTER TRAINING KITTENS) They sold 3 cats without neutering or vaccinations. didn’t talk to the owners about the environment, and definitely only picked the highest bidder. I can tell his mom was only looking for money from these kittens. This obviously frustrated me, but these are in no way my cats. They kept 2 kittens, so in total we now have 3 cats. The litter box is still only being changed once a week and there is only one food and water bowl. Since the cats can’t obviously clean up their own shit, (the litter box is FILLED) they started shitting IN MY BATHTUB. I can’t even look at these cats without being mad at my boyfriends family anymore. This environment isn’t good for them, they aren’t getting the love they need, and I’m not for it. What the fuck am I supposed to do here? These aren’t my cats, I can’t get rid of them, and I really don’t think I should be cleaning up after them! Please Reddit, help me and these cats!
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2021.09.18 16:05 Yusuf2344 Absolutely nothing to say rn.

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2021.09.18 16:05 Ohm999 MP5 Stock on Stribog?

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2021.09.18 16:05 Goodcons Working for that money

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2021.09.18 16:05 PhoneNeat 👑 AslanKonge Low Market Cap | Next MoonShot Gem x1000% | Doxxed and Active Team | Let's Build Together! | BNB Rewards | Fairlaunched | Great Chart!! 🎉

🏆 What is KONGEsystem consists of?
Currently, we have launched a one-week-old project called AslanKonge and started the development of the KongeFi launchpad. We're following our roadmap, and there will be new projects in the future as KONGEsystem grows. Each project within KONGEsystem will be bounded to another and provide support. Currently, we're developing a pre-sale and fair launch platform, DAO Lock for tokens including liquidity pool. With AslanKonge we will develop KongeSwap to list and trade new tokens there.
🏆 How KongeFi will support AslanKonge?
KongeFi will have adjustable and very people-oriented tokenomics. KongeFi holders will be free to choose any token on BSC they want to receive rewards in but an extra promotional token $KONGE will be added from time to time when AslanKonge needs a boost. Any KongeFi holder will automatically become AslanKonge holder.
🏆 What makes KONGE special and defines it among other platforms?
We ask every contract creator to verify their IDs before creating a sale or planning a fair launch. This means you won't find any rug pulls or honeypots here. You don't need to check rug screens, contract source code, or liquidity lock. We will do it for you. When you purchase any token on KongeFi, you can sleep well knowing your funds are SAFU.
🏆 Is reward in $KONGE beneficial for KongeFi holders?
Sure it is. $KONGE will be the main token you need to have to be able to use any part of KONGEsystem.
🏆 Do you plan the development of the KONGE blockchain?
Yes, we're planning to develop KONGEchain and create a SCAM FREE environment.
🎁 KONGE is not your average token but the ECOSYSTEM 💯
💠 Doxxed and Active Team
💠 Coingecko Applied
💠 UniRocket Channel
💠 Upcoming Big Exchange Listing
💠 Liquidity Locked
💠 Full Tech Audit
- Telegram: https://t.me/AslanKongeBSC
- Website: http://aslankonge.xyz/
- LP Lock: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xAB710C991F151f3Ab816b4bb00D1A04a1b4CD72D
- Contract Address: 0x8b390461f9c7c1baf7afff26cae647f3b3ed1c42
- Buy: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8b390461f9c7c1baf7afff26cae647f3b3ed1c42
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2021.09.18 16:05 drtymonky What jobs have you held that nobody has heard of?

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2021.09.18 16:05 Kabutoking Shmup representative for Smashbros?

I don't want Reimu because TouHou is overatted and most fans don't even know the games
What are your ideas? The only one i have is Vic Viper in his Parodius form
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2021.09.18 16:05 heartless46 theory: whoever the killer is doesn’t know that mabel was a part of the “hardy boys”.. mabel only visited every break and that’s why tim distanced himself from her when she came back after 10 yrs to protect her.

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2021.09.18 16:05 ReginaPagina Vcs tb se cansam de discutir aqui no Reddit?

Meninas, eu não aguento mais responder certos topicos de maneira sensata e do nada pipocar um monte de adolescente com avatar de anime tentando invalidar minha experiencia...
Cansa, sabe? Ao inves desse pessoal pegar meu post e tentar refletir, eles agem como verdadeiros incels. Imagina a próxima leva de jovens adultos que tá pra vir, sem NENHUMA sensibilidade aos problemas femininos, nao escuta o outro lado, e pior, quando lê uma opiniao que vem de um local onde ele nao tem lugar de fala, eles simplesmente invalidam os sentimentos dos outros.
Será que um dia cai a ficha que o problema são eles e não as mulheres? Eu tenho medo do que pode acontecer quando esse pessoal tiver um porte de arma, por exemplo. É preciso educar seus filhos, se vc é mãe de menino, por favor, ensine seu filho a tratar mulheres com respeito e como iguais, isso é mais do que necessário. Se eu tivesse uma filha, eu teria medo do ambiente onde ela vai crescer com esses meninos tão novos e tão intolerantes e misóginos.
Como viemos parar aqui?!
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2021.09.18 16:05 Provolone_chees Funny meme go brr

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2021.09.18 16:05 thebluestblue1 Sexism is not ever okay

Islam is a sexist religion. Sexism was ingrained in a lot of us, myself included.
However, I have realized a trend with ex-Muslims being extremely sexist. (Obviously not all, but I’ve run into a few very sexist ex-Muslims)
So much of coming out of this religion is unlearning what we have been taught. If you leave the religion and continue to carry that sexism around with you, you are literally not a better person. You have been brainwashed.
Growing up I had to unlearn so much of what Islam taught me.
Sexism is not something you’re born with. It’s taught and learned. And it’s your job to unlearn it.
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2021.09.18 16:05 OZarkDude How to sell a car that isn't mine (I have the title and owners permission)

So. I was renting a room to a dude who had to leave the country like April of 2020, he was a college student and left his car and pretty much all his stuff here. He is going to continue his college education in Canada and told me I can sell his car and split the $ with him as payment for storing it in the garage for almost a year (along with his bed and all his stuff in the room). We are totally cool he told me where he left the title. He's in Korea though. So how can I sell this bad boy? Do I need to mail him the title have him sign the back or can I just kinda wing it seeing as I have his permission. Also what about the taxes? Anyone here been in this type of situation. I've bought and sold a used car or two but I don't sell cars every day.
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2021.09.18 16:05 enks_dad Mini Hack - My mashup of MiniSix and The Black Hack

I combined character creation from MiniSix (based on OpenD6) and the player facing dice mechanic from The Black Hack to create Mini Hack. The result is what I consider to be a medium crunch rules light system that is really flexible and customizable.
If you're not a fan of player facing rolls and d20, there is another version of this game which uses d6's. It uses the same concepts, but a different dice mechanic.
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2021.09.18 16:05 A_Normal_Sushi People who used to have low confidence but changed that, how?

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2021.09.18 16:05 JustADudewithBalls This week compared to last, I still think it still looks weird/unnatural. I think it’s the eyes and lips, any advice ? Also should I begin to learn to paint/colour ?

This week compared to last, I still think it still looks weird/unnatural. I think it’s the eyes and lips, any advice ? Also should I begin to learn to paint/colour ? submitted by JustADudewithBalls to ArtCrit [link] [comments]