Why 50 billion total supply?

2021.09.18 15:01 Beachrunner877 Why 50 billion total supply?

So I have been thinking hard about the Hedera tokenomics. It’s always been a concern however three pieces of news have left me really annoyed and disheartened about current and total supply.
Firstly, the reasons given for supply being massive was for use cases like CBDCs. Now we find out that it’s very likely that hbar won’t be used to fuel these projects. So, good for Hedera, not for retail investors. see here
Secondly, the next biggest use case Coupon Bureau was billed as being about 300bn transactions per annum and now it turns out it’s going to be far less than that. Think less than 10BN from what I can gather. They don’t even have visibility on roll-out, could be years away. see here
Finally, there’s now plans to release 10BN coins for use cases, fine I guess but again these are bound to find their way into the market.
Combine all of the above with the fact that as price increases so does the amount of transactions you can get from your hbar and it seems illogical to have such a huge supply.
You could run all transactions for all time from less than a million Hbar.
Increasingly I’m feeling like this is a great tech project with a coin tacked on to exploit retail investors.
When will we actually see use cases which will cause demand for Hbar in large enough quantities to move the price?
And before you tell me to sell or that this is FUD, don’t waste your time.
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2021.09.18 15:01 MonotonousDivergence r/europe zagovara povratak Trojedine Kraljevine Hrvatske, Slavonije i Dalmacije

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2021.09.18 15:01 gounaropoulou Elephants🐘Canvas 20X20

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2021.09.18 15:01 tgbambini Finally harvested my first grow! 🌿 Purple Haze

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2021.09.18 15:01 arv_yt sex pencil

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2021.09.18 15:01 Jj_a_Is_A_Scammer DAILY PSA: DO NOT DEAL WITH u/DonaldTrumpsTightAss, u/attomic02, u/itsProy23, u/dixon69cider, or u/notesser

These are repeat scammers with multiple throwaway accounts.
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2021.09.18 15:01 iOS14sucks Is Kiyo Pro really good?

Hi, just wanted to share my experience of Kiyo Pro webcam.
Before I made my purchase I looked at few YouTube reviews and was pretty positive, some of them are suggesting it over DSLR.
I decided give it a go, however it was very disappointing, especially for something RRP around $300+ AUD, it’s not meeting the price expectations.
I compared it with my X-T3 Fujifilm camera as webcam, the X-T3 is so much better like day and night. I also has a Logitech C920 or 902 I forget the model name, it’s a 1080p webcam, and it has better overall image quality than the Kiyo Pro, brighter as well. Even with the HDR enabled Kiyo Pro does not show any better.
The Kiyo HDR probably a software HDR, low quality, and when HDR is enabled my laptop fan spin up.
My unit also has a dust under the transparent plastic cover.
Ultra wide also so distorted, vertical lines on both sides are looking very curved, it has 3 FOV option, only the narrow one is acceptable. Really bad.
Anyway I have returned this product. I think if it’s a $100 AUD product then it makes more sense.
I strongly recommend to avoid consider this webcam. Waste money and time.
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2021.09.18 15:01 flyry99 Half-ppr trade

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2021.09.18 15:01 GrandG RedHat OPEN

Has anyone tried RedHat OPEN (online partner enablement network) ? it contain many sales and presales videos and most importantly delivery videos which I believe are available to partners only , from what I have seen their technical stuff is taken from the paid subscription videos except for the student workbook which you are not provided , they also come with a lab environment which I find quite neat .

have you ever tried RedHat OPEN ? I want to hear your opinions
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2021.09.18 15:01 White-Frame Eu queria ter um cabelo grande =/

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2021.09.18 15:01 projectgetbetter Millionaire Shortbread for a special friend.

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2021.09.18 15:01 TemptedByArt Hh

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2021.09.18 15:01 r-mom-gey Number game anyone?

we can play in the comments or just dm dm :()
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2021.09.18 15:01 Cold_Bug7331 sapa ad serra v2 PM

lama tnggu
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2021.09.18 15:01 CaptainObvious00Duh Some retro American trucks.

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2021.09.18 15:01 Happy-Imagination850 [Sept. 2021] Get $200 FREE BITCOIN + $120 : Referral sign-up links for CELSIUS, NEXO, BLOCKFI, COINBASE, GEMINI, OKCoin, Cake DeFi, Bitstamp, CoinSmart, Bitpanda, CoinEx, BINANCE & FTX

Use the link to sign up on the mobile app. Verify that the Referral Code 175898b35c is entered. Deposit $400 worth of cryptocurrency or stablecoin and keep your deposit in the app for 30 days to get the $50 free Bitcoin reward. If you add the promo code BNB40 or ADA40 (in the app, click Profile > Promo Codes) and deposit the $400 in BNB or ADA, after the 30 days, you unlock a bonus of $90 ($50 in Bitcoin and $40 in BNB / ADA).
Furthermore, adding the promo codes STABLE10 and STABLE50 and depositing an additional $200 in USDC or USDT will, after 30 days, yield you another $10 + $50 = $60 free Bitcoin.
Deposit $100 worth of stablecoin or cryptocurrency and maintain a $100 balance for 30 days to get the $10 free bitcoin reward.
Deposit $100 worth of stablecoin or cryptocurrency and maintain a $100 balance for 30 days to get the $10 free bitcoin reward.
Buy or sell $100 worth of crypto and $10 free Bitcoin will be rewarded instantly.
Buy or sell $100 worth of crypto and $10 free Bitcoin will be rewarded instantly.
Deposit $102 in your local currency, purchase $100 or more worth of crypto and you will be rewarded $50 free Bitcoin. The Bitcoin is locked in your account for a 180-day period, but your initial deposit can be withdrawn immediately.
Deposit a minimum of $50 worth of cryptocurrency in a single transaction and $30 free DFI (DeFiChain) will be rewarded instantly. Those tokens will be locked up in staking for a 180-day period, yielding ~ 100% APY. Your initial deposit can be withdrawn immediately.
Deposit fiat or crypto, buy/sell a minimum of $100 and you will be rewarded $20 within 24 hours. Your initial deposit can be withdrawn immediately, just like the bonus, once credited.
Deposit the equivalent to $100 CAD (~ €67) and get $15 CAD (~ €10). Valid only for fiat deposit. You don't actually need to make a trade - you can withdraw your bonus and deposit back to your bank at zero cost. Not available in the US.
Deposit a minimum of €25 (fiat), trade at least €25 and €10 will be rewarded instantly. Earn an extra €5by completing their Quiz. You can withdraw your bonuses and deposit back to your bank at zero cost. Not available in the US and Germany.
Make sure you see the message "your commission kickback rate: 10%".
Feel free to PM me if any question arises!
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2021.09.18 15:01 heinaga1989 Don't let DIPS hold you back? RUF Got your back. RUF is a Buyback Token with Huge Reflections. All you have to do is Buy and Hold. Leave the DIPS to RUF. Stealth Launch. Very Low Market Cap. Few Holders.

Currently the market is being dominated by NFT Games and they say that the ideas of traditional tokens are dead.
While it is true that the current trend of the market are aimed towards NFT, that does not mean the traditional ones are dead. Maybe they just needed that push.
Well this one has a catchy name and might be something different.
Introducing RiseUpFloki!
RUF is a hyper-deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain. A passive stake yielding token that give Huge Reflection just buy holding. And don't worry, Dips are covered by our buybacks.
For every transaction executed (Buy / Sell), a 15% Transaction Fees are collected. 8% are sent to the Buy Back Pool another 5% is distributed to RUF Holders while the remaining 2% is for LP Increase.
Name: RiseUpFloki
Symbol: RUF
Decimals: 9
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 or 1 TRILLION
Burned Tokens: 95%
Liquidity Supply: 5%
Initial Liquidity: 1 BNB
Anti Whale & Bots
Max Transaction: 5,000,000,000 or 5 BILLION
15% Transaction Fee
-8% Buy Back Pool -5% Reflection -2% Liquidity Pool
Useful Links down below.
Contract Address: 0x640E5bdB36e2893e2B825050DBA1EE6060276C48
PancakeSwap V2: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x640E5bdB36e2893e2B825050DBA1EE6060276C48
Verified Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x640e5bdb36e2893e2b825050dba1ee6060276c48
Liquidity Locked: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xddafc00d34eabdddb15de1668f926718476065e56f6cd713b76da62a231fb954
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xbe112d37942348df23c51b3a7ff5b37de5723c2972da514638babb9e7ec6fdb7#eventlog
Telegram: https://t.me/RiseUpFloki
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2021.09.18 15:01 Thessiz The total GDP of European countries in 2020, in USD

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2021.09.18 15:01 18Equi D and S, freshly “Hatched” (hash it out/snatched) So Hatched we can’t recognize them anymore 😂

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2021.09.18 15:01 CraciticTheTomatoGuy OreoMC! - Survival SMP

🍪---OREOMC--- 🍪 OreoMC is a Minecraft server designed from the ground up with custom content in mind. We have worked countless hours to create something truly unique from your classic Minecraft experience. If you are tired of the same old Minecraft server we invite you to check out our server to experience something that you cannot find anywhere else!
💻• Java And Bedrock support, we allow bedrock and java versions of Minecraft to connect to our server!
🌍• Survival SMP- Claims, Economy, custom terrain, lore spawn, events, crates
🏕• Vanilla SMP- NO claims, Simple survival, No plugins
🚆• Tpa- allows you to teleport to friends.
💀• Death -Chests- Keeps your stuff safe from people stealing and your Stuff from de-spawning.
❌• NO RESETS- Your work is safe!
🌳• Spawn- We have a spawn full of activity; it includes shops,pvp,and a meeting place for all and its where you begin your adventure
🎮•IP:play.oreo.gg PORT: 19132 https://discord.gg/5E9W8W48rw
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2021.09.18 15:01 TipGroundbreaking361 I [21F] am unhappy and insecure in my relationship with my boyfriend [28M] and I don’t know if the relationship is beyond repair..

So, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about a year and 3 months now and I have been feeling insecure for as long as I can remember. I get sick when I hear his ex’s name. I just feel like ending everything.
All of that has a reason, when we first started dating, before getting official, he had remnants of feelings for her and he was still not over that person and that was on for the first month and admitted that she kissed him and he kissed her back and he later on on that day called me and cried and begged for a chance even tho we weren’t exclusive..
It’s simply driving me crazy and making me depressed, they both go to the same philosophy course together and they hug and sometimes he travels with his friend group while she’s there.
What’s making all of that more complicated is that I know that he used to miss her while he was in a relationship with me because he sees her every week in that course.. (I overheard him telling that to someone)
I talked to him about it and told him that hugging his ex and traveling with her makes me uncomfortable to which he replied that I am abnormal because we already talked about it and that problem was over but I keep talking about problems over and over again.
He said that he’s not willing to stop what he’s doing and he won’t stop traveling and having fun just because I feel uncomfortable and I should just get over my emotional reaction because I’m overreacting
He then proceeded to tell me that I crave problems and that I am abnormal because we fight every week and that this is not a relationship anymore and that he can’t stand having a fight every week while I am actually too timid to cause a fight, I never raise my voice or hang up in his face, I just talk about something that he doesn’t like and he lashes out in anger..
He disrespects me a lot lately, he hangs up the phone in my face, sometimes tells me that what I’m saying is dumb, he belittles my feelings and he’s not willing to compromise..
He stone walls me for days lately after every argument and tells me that he’s overwhelmed and drained
We do fight alot lately, it’s becoming unhealthy and he’s not willing to compromise or understand or maybe he can’t.
What happens every time is that I either say or do something that he claims is provocative and then he lashes out in anger and hangs up in my face and refuses to talk to me...
I already have so much baggage in that relationship, I remember every bad thing he said and I might not be able to get over it..
I admit that I might be young, mentally ill or immature but I don’t believe I deserve to be treated that way for voicing whatever is bothering me..
He once told me that he can’t stand my OCD and me talking about problems over and over again and that he wouldn’t handle that
Our relationship was really lovely at the beginning, we share the same interests and we’re sexually compatible and he used to have good communication
he was so accepting, so understanding and really generally kind and nice to me, he actually proposed to me and he generally treats me good he still does, but our fights are getting uglier every time and I don’t know if the problem is within me or him..
TL;DR: My relationship is going downhill and I don’t know of I should leave or try to repair it
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2021.09.18 15:01 Embarrassed_Tadpole5 Does anyone have Touhou LW Japan Tier list

So i got some new character and i dont know what tier are they
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2021.09.18 15:01 solar_cell Surely we don't need a DC to do a network scan!?

Trying Atera and am very disappointed to see that apparently I can only run a network scan from a domain controller? What is going on here? Seems archaic...
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2021.09.18 15:01 Vigi-The-Loony More info about the FED

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2021.09.18 15:01 BeatrisGON [for hire] Illustrations and Character Design.

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