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Best free Projections. Best free Picks.

2021.09.18 16:03 cheese24k Best free Projections. Best free Picks.

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2021.09.18 16:03 samidin786 what time is it?

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2021.09.18 16:03 MattDamonsDick What do you do for fun?

Hi All - Don’t hate us for coming to your town and raising the rent, but my wife just got a research job that will bring us to the area. We just went to Raleigh to look around and we love the place but we’re wondering what does everyone do for fun around here? We’re used to west coast metropolitan cities that move at a faster pace and have endless activities, but we have a 2 year old girl now so we don’t necessarily need all that stuff anymore. So my question is this - people with families, what do y’all do for fun? How do you entertain your kids?
My ideas so far:
Join a country club and golf all the time Hit the beer scene Find a gymnastics type place for the kid Get out of town
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2021.09.18 16:03 MasterWizardRyan Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding (Survivor) | Round 13

We're nearing the finish line and the song not making it is Wow.

Rank Song Votes Against Percentage Runner-up
6th Place Wow. 25/87 Votes 28.7% 24.1% (21/87 Votes)
7th Place A Thousand Bad Times 20/52 Votes 38.5% 25% (13/52 Votes)
8th Place Die for Me 52/166 Votes 31.3% 23.5% (39/166 Votes)
9th Place Saint-Tropez 20/82 Votes 24.4% 22% (18/82 Votes)
10th Place Allergic 12/42 Votes 28.6% 19% (8/42 Votes)
11th Place Myself 10/36 Votes 27.8% 19.4% (7/36 Votes)
12th Place I'm Gonna Be 13/50 Votes 26% 16% (8/50 Votes)
13th Place Staring at the Sun 11/57 Votes 19.3% 17.5% (10/57 Votes) [2 Songs]
14th Place Enemies 15/54 Votes 27.8% 18.5% (10/54 Votes)
15th Place On The Road 20/124 Votes 16.1% 14.5% (18/124 Votes)
16th Place I Know 12/70 Votes 17.1% 14.3% (10/70 Votes)
17th Place Internet 18/50 Votes 36% 10% (5/50 Votes)

Album Info: Wikipedia
Listen: Spotify
Apple Music
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2021.09.18 16:03 the_guywhogames Content keeper. Nuff said

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2021.09.18 16:03 RaptorStar7 PS4: Want to Acquire Ground DOFF - 20% Hull Regeneration

Mainly looking for a 20% version. Someone on ESD has been offering insanely good.
Let me know if you have any and I'll direct you to the person who wants it.
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2021.09.18 16:03 DUDE-STUFF Am I reading this wrong, or was the turnover volume Friday what the stock normally does over 4 days? Something is about to happen.

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2021.09.18 16:03 AlissaAppeltjes Een mooie foto uit de natuur om jouw dag beter te maken <3

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2021.09.18 16:03 Crescentnobody All money is good money

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2021.09.18 16:03 grahlbert Upgrading my AC unit. What are some DO’s and DONT’s?

I’ll be upgrading my Central Florida AC unit. It’s a working 5 ton R-22 from 2011. For a 2400 sq ft living space, im spending quite a bit of money to (very conservatively) cool my living space. 74 at night, 78+ during the day for most days. $160 in monthly cooling costs per my digital meter report
So I figured I’d bite the bullet now and enjoy some savings of a more energy efficient unit.
Let’s talk SEER, dual-speed and variable speed compressors, etc.
I’m getting quotes for 14-18 SEER with different options. What about the above is a gimmick or a must-have?
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2021.09.18 16:03 static_Illmatic Premium 5 Maple Jelly Live FSE

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2021.09.18 16:03 Revolutionary_Sky36 4 Random Steam keys. One key per person!

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2021.09.18 16:03 maybehollow Communist vaccines

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2021.09.18 16:03 bloodangel497 A mystery tree…help!

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2021.09.18 16:03 cjpinto7 Yokai Blademaster

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2021.09.18 16:03 I_DONT_LIKE_KIDS RE: someone explain this

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2021.09.18 16:03 ilknurr 42% off >> $16.88 >> Xiaovv AutoFocus 2K USB Webcam Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.09.18 16:03 Dense-Throat-5371 She desreved better fate

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2021.09.18 16:03 Calvin-SouthAfrica H: 2* TS 50 vhc AGL W: Camo backpack plan

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2021.09.18 16:03 martynnorman Help with these. Millefiori?

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2021.09.18 16:03 GlasOx [Discussion] Is it so wrong to be in love?

Not sure why but this line fucking popped me last night 😂
That being said the whole Ruby/DMD segment was fucking great last night. Ruby has looked awesome since coming in
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2021.09.18 16:03 mattyvcxbgfs Thanks, I Love it

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2021.09.18 16:03 ahahahahahaahahahaha what weapon is good on its own but horrible to pair with other weapons?

imagine something like a chocolate bar, it tastes good right? well if you put another delicious item such as chocolate syrup, it would taste better right? no because chocolate syrup is already chocolate and extremely sweet.
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perdón si hay faltas ortográficas escribo desde celular
y es una historia corta
bueno contexto ;
ayer iba en un bus a mi casa después de salir del hospital para una revisión ( los que vieron las historias pasadas sabrán por que estaba en el hospital )bueno faltaba por lo menos 30 minutos para llegar a mi casa y el bus estaba casi completa mente lleno , en eso se sube una señora gorda junto con su hija igual de gorda , cuando suben se acercan a mi y me exigen , puedes quitarte yo y mi hija que remos sentarnos aquí ( yo soy de esas personas que da su asiento a personas que de verdad lo necesitan , le hubiera dado mi asiento si me lo hubiera pedido amable mente ) yo le dije lo ciento no puedo .
a lo cual ella entra en modo karen: quítate mi hija y yo nos merecemos mas ese asiento que tu
a lo cual yo digo : y por que se merecen mas que yo este asiento
la karen dice: noves que soy mujer
yo digo: i que tiene que ver que seas mujer ( aclaro que en el bus avía unos 5 asientos disponibles)
a lo cual la karen y su hija me agarran del brazo que esta lastimado con fuerza
a lo cual yo con dolor y enojado digo: dejen me malditas gordas putas
a lo cual el conductor frena i dice : haber que pasa aquí
a lo que la karen y su hija dicen : este estúpido nos quito el asiento y nos insulto
a lo cual: yo digo eso es mentira esta señora y su hija vinieron a exigirme que les diera mi asiento y cuando me negué me agarraron del brazo que tengo lastimado .
a lo cual la demás gente del bus me apoya i dice : el joven tiene razón esta señora y su hija gorda molestaron primero al joven y lo trataron de votar de su asiento , la karen dice al conductor: no les crea este maldito gordofovico( me señala a mi) fue el que nos quito el asiento
el conductor dice : que me ve cara de imbécil señora tengo cámaras y vi cuando usted agredió al joven , señora le doy 2 opciones ose baja del bus o llamo a la policía
a lo cual karen se pone asustada y se baja del bus junto con su hija
luego el bus sigue su camino .
y cuando llegue a mi destino el chofer me quiso devolver mi dinero
a lo cual le dije : no señor que déselo gracias por defenderme y que tenga buena suerte
a lo cual el conductor se despidió y se fue
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2021.09.18 16:03 bananasprites uWu Sussy Baka uWu

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