Somewhere between Pod-O-Matic and Apple Podcasts, something has gone horribly wrong.

2021.09.18 15:04 HorrorMoviePod Somewhere between Pod-O-Matic and Apple Podcasts, something has gone horribly wrong.

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2021.09.18 15:04 cryptocalbot Add to your calendar Octoin Coin (OCC) event: NFracTion IDO - September 30, 2021

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2021.09.18 15:04 DOFAFA Living vindictively will keep us sick ...
#recovery #wedorecover #sober #soberlife #mindfulness #mentalhealth #higherpower #stepthree #soberliving #recoveryworks #sobernation #12steps #soberlifestyle #sober #sobrietyrocks #cleanandsober #sobermovement
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2021.09.18 15:04 Tripleshine3d shipping

I'm ordering some new housings for my Volcano Hybrid from but I notice the shipping is outrageous (+$25). And it only gives me one option for shipping. I live in the states but I don't remember the shipping being this much in the past.
Anyone know why the shipping is super expensive now?
Also, anyone know where I can get housings with cheaper shipping? I don't really want to go through S&B cuz I hear there is a very long wait for shipments.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.18 15:04 VerniaxSvek Speed dating scenarios :)

Scenario 1:
Other: "why do you carry a knife?" Me: "next!"
Scenario 2:
Other: "but what are using it for?" Me: "next!"
Scenario 3:
Other: "why do you need more than one knife?" Me: "next!"
Scenario 4:
Other: "why do you spend so much money on a knife when a cheaper knife can do the same job? Me: "next!"
Scenario 5:
Other: “why do you watch a YT-video review of a knife that you already have?” Me: “next!”
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2021.09.18 15:04 kingbrice033 Somebody knows wich brushes he uses ?

its in japanese so i don't really know
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2021.09.18 15:04 Theoverusedmeme Public Sand Volleyball Courts?

Does anyone know of any sand courts that are free to play and don’t require you to bring your own net like Memorial. I’ve heard of Spott’ s Park near Buffalo Bayou . Does anyone know if that place requires you to bring your own net or another that doesn’t?
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2021.09.18 15:04 XenzaGold Klik untuk donasi - Bantu Bangun Kembali Masjid Masjid Al-Hikmah

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2021.09.18 15:04 Lost_Presentation_33 The Sweetest Victory: A Message of Hope

NOTE: The Crucible Rising in this, the War Eternal, only and ever seeks to empower, enlighten, and enable slaves to break their chains; consider this an offer of a renewed as well as an intensified endurance and hope because the worst is yet to come and it’s time to Genesize some knuckling up: Today is your tomorrow for seizing a dominion that belongs to you. The following is something I wrote some months behind us on inexplicable as well as entirely unrehearsed impulse with no premeditation because given the harsh times we’re suffering and the impact these times have had on all of us, I figured people could stand to read the words and take something helpful home in the aftermath of reading.
It is designed for all eyes which would read of the words and I honestly hope at the rock-bottom least they can be of even the slightest service to someone out there with a heavy heart.
Let there be Light.
“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I was sitting in the Lotus Position with my earbuds firmly home, nursing my millionth energy drink of the day whilst listening to “Like a Stone” by Audioslave when I felt the sudden compulsive desire to write this.
As usual, it was without premeditation and the general theme behind it was a spark of my Higher Self echoing a certain something that I have said and written so many countless times that I know it as well as I know my many epithets: “Life is too short and unpredictable to not say what is on your mind: In the pandemonium of our day-to-day flavored world we never stop to smell the roses, and then when one day we wake up in a particularly rosy mood we find that all the roses have gone; plucked and vanished or withered and died as does happen to all roses.”
Well pandemonium is right and dandy and I feel quite at home in the chaos after the life I have lived and the way I have lived it up until recently, but now I am stopping to smell a most wonderful rose: The topic of you.
If you are quite lucky and very blessed, then at least one person goes out of their way every so often to tell you something along the lines of what I will be saying, but if not then I certainly hope it means at least some small relative version of something to you.
Reality as we know it is a cage and growth in a cage is very difficult, and for the more claustrophobic types, this cage leads to no real growing at all.
It is stressful, painful, nerve-wracking, often desolate, sometimes worrisome, and always many tests within a big test.
It takes courage just to get out of bed every morning or afternoon or even night, depending on lifestyle and disposition, and I am honestly proud of you.
Whether or not you know or understand, I am cheering for you all the way there and back again.
There were times in the past I would lay in bed dreading the day ahead and didn’t wanna get out from under the covers to face it, and there was a period of my life I had no home and I would stare at the morning sun frozen so intensely that I couldn’t feel my fingers, wondering at how I could be brave enough to find the strength and carry on.
The Iron Witch is He Who Knows.
Some of you reading this are single mothers working till it hurts to bring up one or more good kids in a bad world, and this is no easy task: My Ma went it alone to raise me and I helped her raise my kid brother, so I know very well how insane and difficult it is and I respect your exhausted effort more than you can understand.
Some of you reading this are youngsters who are still trying to get it figured out and attempting to cope in a world you are as far from understanding as the sea is to the sky, and I never have forgotten what that was like...anybody says kids these days have it easy is worthy of only one thing: A swift kick in the ass because they have forgotten the hurt and the loneliness in the struggle to be known and understood, to know and understand.
Some of you reading this are angry and burnt out inside but keep a smile on because to do otherwise is to raise questions to which you have no time or patience to fuck with after all you’ve been through, and I know that one as well as the strawberry birthmark on the back of my right hand.
Some of you reading this just don’t know why and either don’t care anymore or are almost there, and my compassion for you runs bone-deep within me because I’ve visited that wasteland and it is a mournful place to see and feel.
Some of you reading this are still struggling to find yourself and grow into someone who can give you the legacy you deserve, and these are tough boots to fill because what you deserve is a world you aren’t yet prepared to give yourself.
These are just some examples and at the end of the day, I feel them all.
The best kind of person I relate to and get along with the most fully and fluidly are the trainwrecks with troubled pasts and generous loving hearts and a depth of compassion for others not equaled by any ocean or canyon because that’s me...that’s who emerged from the tomb after the Iron Crucifixion.
I see you very well, and you are beautiful.
Your strength and courage are admirable beyond anything I can type here; after all of the pain and the shame and the agonized anguish, you are still here because you never gave up even though you were so tempted time and time again by the Graveyard Call embraced by so many who didn’t make the really are the right stuff whether you see it or not.
I pray you find what you are looking for and that everyone that matters celebrates you as I do and you should.
A gift is a gift and good gifts are always nice, but there is no prize like victory because it was savagely difficult to obtain and you fucking earned it, fair and square.
The sweetest victory is not given, but seized in a scorched, bloody fist and held up for all to see.
Never forget those who fell and those who walked away or those you left behind because they were all special by their own right whether they were some of the best gold in your treasury or the best lessons you had to learn the hard way...regardless of negative and positive, they helped make you.
In a world of Villains, Fools, and Zealots we are outnumbered a staggering 125 to 01 and the world is grossly short on champions, but the world has you and that isn’t anything to sneeze at: If you disagree it is not because I am wrong, but because you’re still trying to find who I am talking about.
When the spirit is lost trying to find the correct way, this eliminates wrong from the equation: The Wrong Path isn’t wrong at all, but just the attempt to single out the right direction and correct course to get on it...stumbling blindly in the dark is still an attempt to walk, and that’s as real as the last nail in the coffin.
Ever and anon realize that when you hurt and when you are scared and when you are tired and frustrated and seemingly all out of attack and defense, there is one thing you can keep whether you want it or not, and it is this knowledge: The Iron Witch believes in you even when you don’t.
This is your story, you are the protagonist, and your ending is written by your actions and reactions; how this ends is yours and it is your choice because the most profound matter of interest concerning your story is that you are both center-stage and the one behind the ink.
It all starts with a Lullaby…”
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2021.09.18 15:04 National-Loquat-2187 What is with people who habitually give unsolicited advice? Is there some psychological problem that causes this?

So I’ve asked about a person in my life who does this but it’s still bugging me that I don’t understand exactly what is going on with her. I want to clarify that I don’t mean people who give unsolicited advice sometimes or about certain topics. I mean she basically talks in unsolicited advice. You casually mention something you’re doing and her response is unsolicited advice. She seems very anxious and like she wants to jump in and stop you when she sees you doing something “wrong” and she needs to tell you how to do it properly. Seems to not get that there are boundaries and she can advise on everything - even how you should feel. Don’t know much about her childhood but love her to bits and am really wondering what it is that causes people to do this.
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2021.09.18 15:04 GetCrazyWCheeseWhiz Just hit the big 50000! I've been scrobbling since the tail end of 2019!

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2021.09.18 15:04 kiwiwl More sirens than usual?

It may just be me but it sounds like there's triple the amount of sirens there usually are this morning, does anyone know what's going on? Hopefully everyone is okay.
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2021.09.18 15:04 P_Roman ❗❗❗ Hunter 2 - digital watch face! Free Coupon Generator. Enjoy!

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2021.09.18 15:04 luckystarmed Two routers One Modem

Hi is it possible to have two routers under one modem? My dormmate and I have separate rooms. The modem and one router is in his room. We plan to add another router in my room but instead of setting it to AP mode, we will set it in router mode.

The scenario is:
Modem connected to router 1. Then router 2 is connected to router 1 via ethernet cable.

I did my research and most configure the second router as AP. I am wondering if we can set the second router as router than AP. What problem might arise; and any advantage and disadvantage
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2021.09.18 15:04 skim5778 She mlem and she yoink

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2021.09.18 15:04 PresentationEqual710 Nikon Z FC Review: Buy This When Look And Performance Really Matters - OrigaZoom

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2021.09.18 15:04 businessyndicate Chinese version of TikTok limits use of app by those under 14

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2021.09.18 15:04 heinaga1989 🪓PapaFlokiX Stealth launch - easiest x100 .Now at 300$mcap|Doxxed owner and team🪓

introduce about PapaFlokiX

This is still a very very low mcap meaning the liquidity is low. For the time being please do smaller buys. As the lp increases we can do much larger buys.

Ever since I started this sh*itcoin journey I realised the earlier you get the more you make, and I think I just found a golden opportunity.

We all want to see that x1000 in our portfolio, but most of the time we arrive just too late.

I just spotted this gem called PapaFlokiX and it has everything it needs to go to the moon and beyond: funny name/meme, active community and for the lucky early buyers, potential to make a lot of $$$.

This is a spin off from Floki coins that have been coming into play recently. We all know how fast they move so why not jump onboard for a fast ticket to the mooooon.

All official links are below-

⭐Tokenomics :
7% goes to liquidity pool
5% goes to hodler
1% marketing


⚔️ Pancakeswap:

🛡️LP Locked :

🪓 Contract renounce:

🛡️ Telegram:

We have filled our bags 😉 the question is will you
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2021.09.18 15:04 howsyourbuffet I’m sorry but what the fuck?

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2021.09.18 15:04 luckywithlola Happy Saturday! (27F)

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2021.09.18 15:04 propshaft POLLS: Vast majority know country is headed in the wrong direction under Traitor Joe

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2021.09.18 15:04 stepanmetior Sauron abandoned Shelob

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2021.09.18 15:04 DeeTee79 When you realize you have enough parts in your spares bin to build a whole new guitar, you build a whole new guitar.

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2021.09.18 15:04 SaamuraiZer0 Meu primeiro emprego

Eu tenho 15 anos e quis trabalhar por conta própria, hoje vai fazer 4 dias que estou trabalhando pela primeira vez, eu trabalho em um mercado meio popular aqui na minha cidade e recebo 450 por mês. Eu sou bem magro e tenho que quase todo dia pegar vários fardos e caixas de produtos...mas ao longo do tempo vou mês acostumando, e sempre fui uma pessoa mt introvertida desde criança! Se eu posso escolher em ficar sozinho eu escolho sem pensar! Mas eu consegui algumas amizades e passei algumas vergonhas tbm pq como nunca trabalhei eu fiz algumas borradas ent né kkjkk
Quem trabalha ou já trabalhou em mercado poderia me dar umas dicas?
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2021.09.18 15:04 ElDarDarBinx WULF MONROE- FIRST LOVE/ LAST LUST

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