I watched The Code Geass Series. What should I watch next?

2021.09.18 16:35 TrigoreX I watched The Code Geass Series. What should I watch next?

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2021.09.18 16:35 doanhieuhl Song that have some Modern electronic house beat with ethnic Western instruments for Smoking, Stargazing and Chillin’ or a good flashback!

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2021.09.18 16:35 40kstalker Is it possible for the emperor to return?

I know that this is a frequent question, but, hear me out.
We know that the emperor is a perpetual, he can not die by any means. But so was old pal Malcador from what I have read. He was over 6000 old after all.
So if the Golden throne destroyed completely his very soul to the point he can't regenerate, is it possible for the emperor to have the some fate?
His body is indeed decaying, but could the same thing happen to his soul, so when he eventually dies, he won't be able to regenerate?
And as an extra question, if he needs only few days to regenerate, why don't they "pull the plug"? Sure the logistical weight will be enormous and without the Astronomican, so no warp travels, but I think it's possible to hold the webway portal for a couple of days until hee regenerates. Especially if the custodes have enough time to fortify the area and gather reinforcements.
I really hope it makes sense.
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2021.09.18 16:35 TooZeroLeft Is the Marvel Heroclix Ziran the Tester big enough to fit in Marvel Legends displays?

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2021.09.18 16:35 realAtmaBodha Twitter redirects searches for Taiwan to China. Can this portend an impending invasion?

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2021.09.18 16:35 mike_loves_memes גליל_במ

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2021.09.18 16:35 catscatscatscatcatss Time to tell everyone about the best option!

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2021.09.18 16:35 SimoFIRE N26 come vi trovate?

Qualcuno può darmi un feedback sulla banca digitale N26? Come vi trovate? Costi? Grazie
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2021.09.18 16:35 zoethegaydinosaur I think today is shipping Saturday, If not feel free to delete (Todobaku)

If yall know the creator just tell me cuz this is a masterpiece
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2021.09.18 16:35 Unlikely_Pirate2472 Australia made 'huge mistake' in cancelling submarine deal, says French envoy

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2021.09.18 16:35 Noble611 Is it out?

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2021.09.18 16:35 HobGoblinHat it's like poetry, it rhymes

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2021.09.18 16:35 CapriSunKillerX I’ve just got a PC with a Ryzen 1700X and a GTX 1060 3GB. Which one would be more useful to upgrade in the future?

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2021.09.18 16:35 j3ffr33d0m This photo is from 1955, it was called: “a few seconds before happiness”

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2021.09.18 16:35 PureKatie I need a water bottle that doesn't have an o-ring in the lid

I hate the hard-to-get-to o-rings way up inside water bottle lids. I have a super sensitive sense of smell, and water in a clean cup that's left open smells like mildew to me after less than 24hrs. Bottle lids are THE WORST offenders. I have gotten several bottles over the years and never manage to effectively clean them without like a 10 minute process, which eventually always results in a lost or damaged o-ring. And I'm not imagining it, they always end up growing mold/mildew that's visible. Gross!
Maybe some exist with a full silicone insert? Or something to that effect. TIA!
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2021.09.18 16:35 Mothersilverape HOW and WHY Wallstreetsilver and the Silver Bullion Dealers 🪨KILLED 🪨 the FREE SILVER MOVEMENT! It is time to bring this movement back to life! 🌱🌷🌿 * Just who is involved? Read and find out who and why!

The silver bullion dealers won’t be selling very much silver after it gets to be $1,000 an oz. They currently make so much more profit making $5-$10 per oz by selling hundreds of thousands or even millions of $ worth of silver ozs day. The sales of underpriced manipulated silver are worth si much exponentially more then if the dealers only sold 10 -100 oz of highly priced silver in a day! Do the math!
The dealers love their current manipulated silver price situation. They all admit this. So the sales pitch is that silvrer now undervalued, which is true! However, they sure don’t want anyone finding the key to unlocking it like Investrology did. And even less, WALLSTREETSILVER will go to any and all lengths to make sure this secret never gets out. To unlock Pandora’s box is to end their gargantuan profits!
The dealers and their front men (The Apes who control WSS) can’t have this huge and life changing world changing poverty ending secret getting it and their “merry go round” ride ending.
Become a stealth Siover Ape and let the whole world know what has happened and how to fix it!
*(Note: Not ALL bullion Dealers were involved in theis scheme. Some wee obviously not involved. But it seems ALL Controlling WallstreetSilver Moderators were and still are!
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2021.09.18 16:35 omegajakezed Screamsies! He will upload today *determination overload*

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2021.09.18 16:35 sarangifiedd Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang _______________________

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2021.09.18 16:35 ThatMomo58 What is a saying that you completely disagree with and why?

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2021.09.18 16:35 Seagon Mesprit 6031 0971 3967 be online!

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2021.09.18 16:35 curtis_crossing Live light. Spread the light. Be the light.

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2021.09.18 16:35 Low-Operation3286 Bnha short angst fanfic

Looking for short fanfics about deku sacrificing himself for bakugou / dying in bakugou's arms
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2021.09.18 16:35 magosky2810 Be prepared

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2021.09.18 16:35 BinaryOptionAlliance 💎 TheExclusive | XRP Rewards Token💰| Bnb and ETH GiveAway 🔥| Next 100x 🔥

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2021.09.18 16:35 rxp1320marketing 📣 Over the last 3 years, saving $50 per week in Bitcoin turned $7,850 into $59,929 📣. Start now with this $10 Bitcoin Giveaway courtesy of SWAN; a Bitcoin-only platform committed to supplying the lowest fees when purchasing Bitcoin (“up to 80% lower than Coinbase”). 🦢 Unique Link Below 🦢

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